Raleigh Atom 16" Wheel Boys Bike Green

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Made for little superheroes, the Atom boasts a modern design and is packed with safety features to ensure your little heroes are protected. 

The Raleigh Atom boasts a lightweight Aluminium frame and high rise handlebars, allowing a more upright riding position giving little riders increased visibility. The Atom also comes with stabilisers, which are an essential for your child's first bike, providing them with confidence during their first cycling adventures and allowing them to learn balance and coordination safely. 

The Atom features a front V-brake modulator which regulates the force that goes down to the front v-brake resulting in smoother braking and aluminium/resin brake levers, which are designed to be easily operated by little fingers fitted with an adjustment screw to fit smaller hands. 

Aluminium rims give an improved surface for the brake blocks to brake against and junior non-slip pedals, a safety feature Raleigh has been fitting to Children's bikes for years, are fitted with rubber pads which prevent feet slipping off. Each pair of non-slip pedals is carefully colour matched to fit the bike design. 

The Atom has a full chain guard which is colour co-ordinated with graphics to match the bike design and is a functional necessity. Not only does it stop the dirt getting on your child and their clothes but it also keeps the sharp edges of the chain wheel covered and away from little fingers. It also has a rear coloured mudguard as standard. 

The graphics on the Atom have been applied under a clear coat to ensure they don't fade or become damaged over time. Raleigh focuses on every detail of design when it comes to their bikes, with colour co-ordinated saddles, grips and tyres to finish off the overall look of the Atom.

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Frame Material:
Single speed Freewheel
Handlebars and Stem:
Quill type stem with hi-rise handlebars
Black 16" tyres
V-brakes front and rear
16 Wheels
Age Range:
5+ years
Lightweight aluminium wheel with steel hubs
Kids pavement bike
Front Forks:
Steel 16"
Finishing Kit:
Rear Mudguard, full enclosed chainguard, handlebar pad, removable stabilisers and non slip pedals
Inside leg Guide:
(43cm to 52cm)

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