Bike Servicing


Service One (Bronze):

For bikes with moderate use or bikes that have just been got out the shed/garage.


Includes: Checking and adjustment of brakes and gears and with "M" safety check, checking and true of wheels, checking cranks, bolts and tyre pressures - £37.50 (Parts not included)


Service Two (Silver):


Bikes with a lot of use.



Includes: All of the above and servicing of bottom brackets, hubs and headsets. £65.00 (Parts not included)


Service Three (Gold).


Full strip down and clean of gears, brakes, bottom brackets, headsets and hubs. Replace all cables, blocks or pads and Drive train. £125.00 (Parts not included)









Individual jobs.




  • Gear service: £12.00


  • Rear hanger alignment: £6.00


  • Gear service and clean£15.00


  • Fitting of gears components and parts £12.00 Includes cables and gear mechs fitting.




  • Replace headset £18.50 (parts not included


  • Service headset: 15.00


  • Strip and replace bottom bracket: £16.50 (Part not included)


  • Face and clean threads Bottom Bracket: £25.00 (parts not included)




  • Re-Build £35.00


  • Strip and service ball bearing hubs: £10.00 (parts not included)


  • True up and replacement of broken spokes £12.50 (plus Spokes)


  • Fit tyres: £5.00 per wheel


  • Punctures


  • £11.00inc new tube. (standard tubes only)





    1. Fit stem: £5.00


    1. Fit Bars: £10.00


    1. Fit handlebar tape £8.00




    1. Service forks: Please ask a member of staff.


    1. Fit new forks: £25.00




    1. Fit Computers: £5.00


    1. Fit dynamo lights: £16.00


    1. Fit new saddle post £3.00


    1. Fit new saddle £2.00


    1. Fit Chromo plastic mudguards: £12.00


    1. Fit standard clip on mudguards: £5.00


Cranks and Chainwheel:


    1. Fit left hand crank: £5.00 (parts not included)


    1. Fit chainwheel set: £8.00


    1. Fit hollowtech 2 cranks (Face and
    2. chase B/B) - £28.00


    1. Fit Pedals: £6.00



    1. Safety checks and adjusts: £15.00 includes labour charge for fitting of parts.


  1. Brake Bleed £18.00