The Best Mountain Bikes Under £1000

The Best Mountain Bikes Under £1000

Scott Aspects 2018 - Credit: Grant Gunderson

Mountain bikes in the sub £1000 range are usually for riders who have a little experience in mountain biking, but are looking to purchase a model with some better features to take their riding to the next level. The first decision to make is whether you prefer a 27.5-inch wheel (650b) or a 29er mountain bike. If it is speed you want and better rollover capabilities, a 29er is the right model for you. However, if you want superior control and agility, go for the 27.5-inch wheel. Some of the features existing in these MTBs under £1000 will be present in cheaper models, so you might find checking out our best mountain bikes under £500 article useful to compare the difference and what you get for more money.

MTBs under £1000: What To Look For

The important features to keep an eye out for are the brakes, gearing and frame quality you get. Hydraulic brakes will be the norm in the under £1000 price range, and look to get a Shimano or Hayes pair where possible. If your bike is equipped with these brands, it will make it easier when replacing brake pads or getting the fluid changed.

Even though budget is still key here, you can expect to get more durable suspension in this price bracket. 100mm travel is usually the minimum, with some models offering more. On top of this, MTBs under £1000 that come with a lockout ring will allow you to adapt better to changing terrains. This is particularly useful when rolling over smoother terrain, because you can lockout your front suspension to decrease the loss of momentum and keep your speed up.

Scott Aspect 730 Mountain Bike 2018

Price: £749.00

Scott Aspect 730 2018 Mountain Bike

Our favourite mountain bike under £1000 yet, the Scott Aspect 730 2018 is a beautifully designed bike that is the perfect step up for mountain biking beginners. The 700 series 6061 alloy frame is very lightweight, with the whole bike weighing in at 14.2kg. Internal cable routing for the rear derailleur keeps things more tidy and clean, helpful because there is an extra cable due to the remote lockout Suntour XCR front suspension, featuring a comfortable 100mm travel. Shimano hydraulic brakes lock on to 180mm front and 160mm rear discs, ensuring quality braking when you need it most. Finally, you'll be equipped with 27 gears so that you can tackle any gradient, with smooth changing thanks to the Shimano Deore rear derailleur. In summary, a great all-round bike that is a real joy to ride.

 Diamondback Heist 1.0 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Price: £595.00

Diamondback Heist 1.0 Mountain Bike

At the lower end of the sub £1000 price range, the Diamondback Heist makes the list due to some stand out features that make it excellent value for money. Suntour XCM front suspension with 120mm travel offers fantastic cushioning against tricky bumps and dips, while the 27.5 x 2.25 WTB Trail Boss tyres offer superb grip. As a result, the bike handles like a far more expensive model. In comparison to the Aspect 730, the front suspension is not remote lockout, however with the longer travel equipped it offers just as much. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and an 11-speed Shimano shadow rear derailleur continue the quality offered from this great model. The perfect model if your budget is in the lower bounds of the sub £1000 price range.

Scott Scale 970 Hardtail 29er

Price: £799.00

With a stunning devil-red design and features even more impressive, the Scott Scale 970 for us is the best hardtail 29er under £1000. As stated in the beginning, you want to go for a 29er mountain bike if you prefer better speed and rollover capabilities. The lightweight Scale series aluminium frame means the bike weighs in at just 13.2kg, making it the lightest bike in the list. Suntour XCR forks with 100mm travel and controlled by the lockout remote on the handlebars just like the Aspect, but the advantage of better rollover means you can keep your speed up by losing less momentum. Featuring a Shimano Deore rear derailleur and 30 gears in total, the bike can take on anything you can throw at it. It's strong, lightweight, beautifully designed and certainly a firm favourite of ours.

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