The Best Lightweight Kids' Bikes 2017

Best Lightweight Kids' Bikes 2017

Raleigh Performance Lightweight Kids' Bike

Trying to purchase children’s bikes is no easy feat, and with so many options to choose from, it’s worth exploring the best lightweight kids’ bikes so you get more bang for your buck. If it is your child’s first bike, you want to make sure they get the comfort and quality needed to ensure the first ride is a real sense of independence and joy. Lightweight kids’ bikes should be your focus when shopping, because it gives your little one the best possible control when learning to ride.

What Should I Look For?

A big temptation for parents will be to buy a lightweight kids’ bike that they will grow into, to justify the normally higher price tag. However, try to avoid this where possible as the idea behind purchasing a lighter kids’ bike is to make it more comfortable to ride. Lightweight kids’ bikes are highly sought-after and the second-hand market is strong, so you can easily sell the bike on once your child has outgrown it.

When browsing online or in a store, search for models with an aluminium frame. These will be the lightest kids’ bikes and usually boast a more slender frame too, as their purpose is to be as lightweight as possible. If the bike is not for a birthday or Christmas, try and let your child sit on the bike in store, and get a feel for it. They’ll give you a sure fire indication which is their favourite (although their focus will be mostly on how cool it looks, so ask for the lightweight kids’ bikes before attention is drawn elsewhere!).

As there is so much choice available, this next section will cover lightweight boys’ bikes, going up in size and age from balance bikes to 24 inch boys’ bikes. Then we’ve picked out the best lightweight girls’ bikes following the same order. Let’s get started…

Lightweight Boys' Bikes

Here we've picked out everything from balance bikes for toddlers up to 26 inch wheel kids' bikes with a smaller frame, a suitable size bike for 2 year old boys up to 10 or 11.

Raleigh Skedaddle Boys’ Balance Bike - £59.99

Skedaddle Red Balance Bike

The perfect little balance bike to get your little one going! A comfortable and lightweight model, the Skedaddle balance bike is a firm favourite of ours with the striking red design, pneumatic tyres and even a rear brake (designed to be pulled by little hands). The curved step-through frame also makes it that extra bit easier to get on and off, another reason why this is a great first bike for a toddler.

Dawes Blowfish 14-inch Boys’ Bike£139.99

If your child is ready to get pedalling, the next step up will likely be a 14-inch boys’ bike. With a lightweight aluminium frame, high-rise bars and stabilisers, the Blowfish is the perfect model to get started on. This model is also available in a 12-inch wheel model and a 16-inch wheel (without stabilisers).

Raleigh Performance 16-inch in Red - £202.49

Raleigh Performance 16" Lightweight Boys' Bike

A slender and super-lightweight 6061 aluminium frame paired with aluminium wheels and hubs, it is no surprise this boys’ bike weighs in at just 6.5kg. The Performance also comes with front and rear brakes and a well-placed rear mudguard to stop shirts getting so dirty in the less-than-pleasant weather.

Squish 18” Lightweight Boys’ Bike£239.99

Perfect for children aged 4 and above, but not quite ready for the 20-inch wheel, the Squish has junior specific v-brakes, shortened crank arms for a more comfortable ride, all weighing in at just 6.96kg.

Cuda Mayhem 20-inch Boys’ Bike - £179.95

The new Cuda range are superb lightweight kids’ bikes. The Mayhem model comes in two cool colours, light blue or a striking green, and introduces 6 Shimano gears through the grip shift lever. Suitable for ages 6 and up (or with an inside leg of 50-57cm).

Raleigh Performance 24-inch Wheel£274.49

Another model in the Performance range from Raleigh, this stunning yellow design boasts a lightweight 6061 aluminium frame and an 8 speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur, so your child can tackle the hills with ease! The 12-inch frame makes it suitable for 8 years and up, or an inside leg range of 56-65cm.

Squish 26–inch Lightweight Kids’ Bike£299.00

If a full size adult bike still seems too much for your child, Squish also have a 26-inch wheel range with either 13 or 15-inch frames available, making them the perfect choice for that in-between stage. Super lightweight at 9.88kg, with 8 Shimano gears and strong, double-walled alloy rims, these are the perfect step up bike. Available in greypurple and aqua.

Lightweight Girls' Bikes

Cuda Runner 12-inch Lightweight Balance Bike£89.95

Cuda have just introduced this beautifully designed balance bike, for boys and girls alike. This balance bike is for toddlers (or 18 months and up) and comes in a striking green or rosy-pink. With pneumatic tyres, an adjustable seat post and an easy-carry saddle (much more parent friendly, trust us), the Cuda Mayhem is the perfect first balance bike for toddlers.

Raleigh Performance 14-inch Kids’ Bike£202.49

This new and well-designed bike has the look and quality of an adult bike, all condensed into a much smaller bike that is perfect for kids’ 4+ or with an inside leg measurement of 40-51cm. Also available in a bright red.

Raleigh Performance 16-inch Lightweight Girls’ Bike£202.49

The Performance also comes in a smart 16-inch model, which is available in turquoise and orange.

Raleigh Performance 24-inch£274.49

At the top of the girls’ bikes range is largest Performance model. A stylish aqua design on a lightweight aluminium frame and aluminium v-brakes, this bike is the perfect option for girls aged 8 and up with an inside leg measurement between 56-65cm.

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