Best Bike Locks for All Needs

Best Bike Locks

Choosing a bike lock is often difficult with so many variants and options available. You need to know where you are likely to be leaving your bike, whether it is just outside shops, or overnight at train stations. Knowing this will indicate how much you should spend on a bike lock.

There are many types of bike locks on the market, but primarily there are D-locks (also known as U-locks or shackle locks), cable locks (available with keys or a combination setting) and chain locks.

The best bike locks available for most people are D-locks; a strong ‘D’ or ‘U’ shaped shackle that locks into a solid block. They can often be found sold secure with varying ratings of security. However, although the security on these locks is excellent, the are more expensive and heaver than most cable locks.

The Best Bike Locks - The List

Sold Secure Gold Bike Locks

Why do I need a sold secure lock? That's something you may be wondering. Well, the sold secure ratings are put in place as an official signature of lock quality. Many insurance policies state that a bike will need to be secured with a sold secure lock when left unattended. Plus, if your bike is rather expensive and you would hate to have it stolen or damaged, then it makes sense to spend more on a lock that is tougher. Ok, boring stuff over - lets get to the best bike locks.

Oxford Shackle 14 Ultra-Strong Bike Lock

Price: £39.98

Oxford Shackle 14 Sold Secure Gold Lock

This is the top bike lock on our list for a reason - it is very, very good. With a sold secure gold rating and a 320mm long shackle, it offers unbeatable strength and security for any bike. For certain models of bike it is possible to attach the lock to the frame, with the carry bracket that is supplied. It also comes with 3 sets of keys (handy for people who tend to lose one) which are used to secure the 14mm hardened-steel shackle into the lock. An unbeatable buy in terms of value and security.

Sold Secure Silver Rated Locks

Oxford Sentinel 320mm + Extra Cable

Price: £39.99

Oxford Sentinel Sold secure bike lock

Sold secure silver bike locks still offer fantastic strength and protection against theft. Similar to the Oxford Shackle 14, the Sentinel offers a 320mm shackle, again formed with 14mm hardened steel. It also comes with a 1.2 metre LockMate cable, useful for threading through the front wheel if you have quick-release axles. There is also a cheaper 260mm version, and a 320mm model without the cable if you already have one.

Bike Locks with Alarms

Oxford Alarm Midi D-Lock

Price: £45.99

Oxford Alarm Midi D-Lock

Sold secure silver rating, 14mm hardened steel shackle... what else? A very loud anti-theft alarm. 120db to be exact. If the steel isn't enough to deter thieves, the alarm should. Check out the video below to see how they work:

Cheap Bike Locks

Not everyone will need or want to spend a lot of money on a bike lock. If it is being left outside a shop for a minute, these cheaper bike locks below will do the trick.

Raleigh U-Lock & Cable

Price: £20.00

Raleigh Cheap U-Lock

D-locks or U-locks can be quite expensive. However, you may want that type of quality but not spend as much on a sold secure lock. The Raleigh U-lock offers just that. At £20.00 it is a relatively cheap bike lock, but boasts an 11mm hardened steel shackle (140mm in length) plus a 1.2 metre cable to thread through the front wheel.

Knog Party Frank Bicycle Lock

Price: £15.99

Knog Party Frank Olive cheap bike lock

This cool little lock from Knog offers something the other locks don't - you could fit it in your pocket. Inside the lock is a 12mm braided steel cable in the core, while the flexible silicone casing allows the lock to be flexible but also prevents scratches to your bike frame. If it is a quick lock up and something that is easy to carry, this lock is for you. Also available in orangewhitered and green.