5 of the Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers

The Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers

When it comes to teaching your kids how to ride a bike, there is no better way than with a balance bike. The lightweight frames and smaller design make them more comfortable for little hands and legs, and will give them more confidence when it comes to their first pedal bicycle. But knowing which model to choose can be difficult, so we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to save you the hassle.

Balance Bike Age Range

Balance bikes are ideal for kids aged from 18 months up to around 2 years old, and they can use them until they are 4 or 5 (until they are ready to step up to a pedal bike). It is crucial to get a balance bike that fits your child well, just like it is for adults. A combination of a lightweight balance bike and one that fits well will determine how quickly their confidence grows.

Above: The best balance bikes (like the Cuda Runner above) are adjustable so they can last longer.

Why Choose A Balance Bike?

The first stage in learning to ride a bike is learning to balance on two wheels. As they can start very young, balance bikes are the perfect solution. However, people often wonder why not just buy their first bike with stabilisers on? Well, part of how a bicycle turns is by leaning. With stabilisers, the bike is not able to tip over, and therefore their steering and balance is not correct. With a balance bike, they are reliant on using their body to control and steer the bike, just like they will when they grow to a pedal bike. Another plus side is if you buy an adjustable balance bike, you can usually skip buying a 12-inch wheel bike and go straight for a 14-inch or even 16-inch.

The Best Boys' Balance Bikes

Raleigh Skedaddle

Price: £59.99

Raleigh Skedaddle Boys' Balance Bike in Red

Just like the Cuda pictured above, the Skedaddle is an adjustable balance bike, giving ample room to grow into. A comfortable and lightweight model, the Skedaddle balance bike is a firm favourite of ours with the striking red design, pneumatic tyres and even a rear brake (designed to be pulled by little hands). The curved step-through frame also makes it that extra bit easier to get on and off, another reason why this is a great first bike for a toddler.

Kiddimoto Valentino Rossi Wooden Balance Bike

Price: £159.00

Kiddimoto Valentino Rossi Wooden Balance Bike

The Valentino Rossi by Kiddimoto is a superbly designed wooden balance bike. With foam padded saddle and grips, this little bike is not just stylish but comfortable too. In summary, a super-cool and unique model that had to be included in our list.

Kiddimoto Mountain Balance Bike

Price: £119.99

Kiddimoto Orange Balance Bike

With pneumatic tyres for improved handling, a quick-release seat post clamp to adjust the height of the saddle, and the lightweight frame, this is one of the top balance bikes available.

The Top Balance Bikes for Girls

Cuda Runner Pink Balance Bike

Price: £89.95

Cuda Runner Pink Balance Bike

With the stylish pink design, adjustable seat post and lightweight alloy frame, the Cuda Runner is one of the best balance bikes for girls aged from 18 months up to 3 years. It is also available in a bright green model for boys.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Max Balance Bike

Price: £94.99

Kiddimoto Girls Balance Bike

The final model in our list is the Kiddimoto Super Junior Max. With a rear brake tailored for little hands, plus adjustable handlebars and saddle height, it makes an ideal balance bike for children 18 months up to 4 years. It even has a carry handle under the saddle...a nice feature for all the parents out there!

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